AT-PAC Ringlock System Scaffolding 

AT-PAC Ringlock System Scaffolding consists of galvanized high-strength steel modular components that are assembled together using integral wedge connectors. It consists of vertical members with integral rosette connections welded to them at 19 inch (500 mm) spacing. The horizontal ledgers and diagonal braces are secured to the rosettes on the vertical tubes by means of end connectors that incorporate captive wedges. The system has a complete range of accessories, including: steel planks, side brackets, system toe boards, stairs, ladders and reinforced ledgers.

Horizontal ledgers are available in a variety of lengths, ranging from 2 ft 2 in (650 mm) to 10ft (3050 mm), enabling the system to be built in just about any configuration to suit the job at hand.

Safety was the prime concern when AT-PAC engineers designed the Ringlock System Scaffolding. All components have been designed to comply with CSA, OSHA, ANSI, AS and NZ regulations, and backed by an intensive test program.

Because all components are galvanized and built for increased safety, service life, and resistance to damage, the AT-PAC Ringlock System Scaffolding is perfect for all types of applications and industries.


Watch the video for a preview of an instructional video on how to build Ringlock System Scaffold. The full video is available for download in the client login area of our Resources page.